Are You a COGBlocker?

What’s a “COGBlocker?” Your friendly Coal, Oil and Gas representative, Gene Vashing, can explain.

Okay, so this is obviously a joke. You know what’s not a joke: The fact that 44% of Latinos are serious about paying $20 or more per month for electricity from clean energy sources. In fact, together with the Sierra Club, we conducted a recent survey of Latino views on the environment—showing that over 90% of us support clean energy.

Read more about just how green Latinos are.

1 thought on “Are You a COGBlocker?

  1. Are you a COGblocker! This is so brilliant. Well done. Clean engery sources are so important, and I find it truly amazing the percentage of people who are willing to go green and clean! This would be wonderful if we could see a clean living scheme at universities in Australia – a campaign I am involved in at the moment.

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